Tex-eco - ACM's outstanding contribution to environmental sustainabilty, is shortlisted for the Crystal Cabin Awards

Tex-eco is the first aviation fabric that consists of 100% natural fibres, making it 100% sustainable whilst fulfilling every single aviation requirement. Tex-eco reduces not only the carbon footprint drastically but also any negative impact on the environment by using zero chemistry for fire retardants or colours. Compared to cotton, Tex-eco uses 80% less water, making it particularly resource-friendly. 

The Crystal Cabin Awards, organised annually by Hamburg Aviation, are among the most prestigious awards for aircraft cabin innovation. ACM newest product Tex-eco is shortlisted in the category sustainable cabin materials.

The aviation industry is in high demand to provide fast and effective solutions to minimise the environmental footprint. The awareness among passengers has grown to the point that this would have serious impacts on airlines. Eco-friendly textiles and sustainable materials are an essential part of greener cabin interior solutions and Tex-eco is one of the solutions ACM wants to offer their clients.

"It is important to us and a clear priority to invest in sustainable cabin solutions, this is another step towards greener flying and meeting passengers rising demands for environmental sustainability and creating a better future for upcoming generations", says Arash Noshari, Managing Director at ACM.

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