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Seat belts with different focal points.

No product in aviation can be safe enough.

Besides our safety products, ACM is the only independent organisation that is permitted to maintain and overhaul seat belts and restraint systems.

Our New Seat Belts.

We worked hard to bring an alternative seat belt to market at a competitive price that also reflects the highly technological era we live in. Of course, the improvement of safety was our main goal and safety should apply for passengers and the crew – but what happens during turbulences? With our system the crew can control the safety of its passengers without putting themselves in danger.

We created a seat belt that satisfies the airliners’ and customers’ economic expectations and brings unmistakable benefits.

(AVC) Anti Viraler Belt


Bacteria and viruses can be contagious for several days upon contact, depending on their quantity and surface. 

ACM uses an antimicrobial coating that has a germ reduction of up to 99.9% on the belt surface. 

Due to the antibacterial properties of the product almost all bacteria and viruses disappear within a short time.

Light Belt.

The lighter alternative.

The same strict performance standards, but less weight. Using unique design techniques with powerful materials that allow significant weight savings. Think more cost-effectively and save on unnecessary grams.

The airy fresh design perfectly suits contemporary seats and cabin interiors in commercial aviation, general aviation and in executive jets.

Smart Belt.

Benefits at a glance.

  • Increased security – for cabin crew and passengers alike, especially during turbulences
  • Competitive prices and fast delivery times
  • Time and cost saving – more efficient cabin checks before take-off and landing
  • Weight – same weight as a standard seat belt, with more technology inside
  • Compensation claims – log files will record the status of the seat belts
  • Easy handling – any tablet or smart phone can be used
  • Experienced partner – over 20 years of experience in the seat belt business

How it works.

The crew can check at any time via an application whether the passengers are wearing Smart Belts or not. On the device, a red light will be visible when a passenger’s Smart Belt is not fastened. The sensor within the buckle transmits a signal to the gateway via Bluetooth.

ACM’s Smart Belt is ETSO and EASA approved. Currently installed seat belts can easily be exchanged. We will deliver our smart belts including a modification kit to guarantee hassle-free implementation.

VIP Belt.


Out VIP belt offers a variety of personalized designs. Free design, selected belts and high-quality buckles. Find your personal variety.

Seat Belt Rewebbing

We offer a simplified seat belt service for our customers based on over 20 years of experience in the aviation seat belt and restraint business. We are also happy to assist our customers by finding the correct part number and model.

Jet Bed Belt.

strong and safety.

To increase the comfort for the passengers can use special Jet Beds.
Die Jet Bed-Systeme nehmen den Raum, zwischen den gegenüberliegenden Sitzen mit einer Matratze ein.
Durch die Verwendung des Jet-Bett-Gurtes von ACM kann die Sicherheit, der liegenden Passagiere erhöht werden, indem der Gurt während des liegens auf dem Jet-Bett festgezogen wird.
Jet Beds are exempt from FAA/EASA regulations, but nonetheless ACM’s Jet Bed Belts meet or exceed requirements such as FAR/JAR-25-853a for flammability.



ACM's Expansion Belt is ideally suited to withstand high loads. Due to the flexibility of the length, it is possible to customize the belt to your specific requirements. The Extension Belt is -EASA, -ETSO tested and approved. 


safe and equitable.

The ACM's Infanity Belts were developed especially for children, in the years between 0-2 years. Our system is the only one that can guarantee the safety of a child and is approved for use in all phases of take-off, landing and turbulence.

Smart. Light. Elastic.

  • Lightweight
  • Sensor technology and innovation
  • Compatibility
Aircraft Cabin Modification Logo


Aircraft Cabin Modification Logo


Head of Finance & Controlling (m/f/d)

Job description / tasks

  • Technical and disciplinary management of the finance and controlling departments
  • Management and development of all finance-related functions including controlling and accounting
  • Conception of financial and growth strategies / profit management
  • Corporate planning, budgeting and the preparation of forecasts and financial reports
  • Optimization of cash flow and working capital management
  • Treasury management and analysis of global market risks
  • Overall responsibility for the preparation of monthly and annual financial statements according to HGB
  • Creation of business cases for strategic investment projects and financing
  • Introduction and development of KPIs to analyse the effectiveness and efficiency of the company; derivation and implementation of improvement measures
  • Main contact person for banks, auditors and tax authorities

Required knowledge / skills / requirements

  • Successfully completed business studies with a focus on finance, accounting or controlling
  • At least 5 years of experience in finance, controlling, accounting or auditing
  • Experience in accounting and controlling in fast growing companies
  • Profound understanding of MS-Office applications (Powerpoint, Excel); experience with other tools (e.g. ERP)
  • Proven leadership and strong communication skills
  • Very good written and spoken English (any other foreign language is an advantage)
  • Process and project-oriented thinking and acting
  • Strong communication skills
  • Goal- and solution-oriented working method

Please send us your application documents with details of your wage or salary expectations to careers@acm-aerospace.com

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