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Aviation seatbelts - reinvented by ACM

ACM’s patented seat belts are characterized by an aesthetically and versatile concept that is explicitly tailored to the needs of the aviation industry.
Based on many years of experience and our goal to find solutions to the market’s needs, we developed the Light Weight seatbelt and smart belt seat belt for the commercial aviation and executive aviation. Light Weight and Smart Belt for commercial aviation and executive aviation.
We focus on modern materials, latest manufacturing techniques and expertise from a single source. We successfully offer passenger seat belts, infant seat belts, crew seat belts, restraint systems for pilots and co-pilots. Whether in the suitable corporate identity for large airlines or exclusive VIP seatbelts in an individual and exclusive design.
ACM is Europe's only OEM with an EASA approval for re-webbing seat belts and restraint systems.

Light Belt.

The ultimate alternative for commercial airlines

  • Lighter in weight when compared to other seat belts on the market (73g)
  • Meets TSO/ETSO requirements
  • 90 and 30 degree buckle release
  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • Wide variety of webbing colors
  • Can be retrofitted with already existing seat attachment points
  • Custom plating, custom logos, and custom buckle colors

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Smart Belt.

Innovation with no compromise

The unique and patented technology with a self-sufficient system shows the crew precisely which passengers are buckled up. Furthermore, the airlines have the option to save data.

  • Increased security – for cabin crew and passengers alike, especially during turbulences
  • Competitive prices to standard belts
  • Time and cost saving – more efficient cabin checks before take-off and landing
  • Same weight as a standard seat belt but including innovative technology
  • Prevention of claims for damages - log files record the status of the seat belts
  • >60 years experience. - can be integrated in smartphones, tablets, and other IT systems

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"Funded by: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy based on a resolution of the German Bundestag"

VIP Belt.

Make a statement with your individual design

  • Custom-made design proposals in-house
  • For seat belts, restraint systems, Y-belts, and infant seat belts
  • Individual engravings, logos and coating on seat belt buckle and webbing
  • More than 160 belt colors
  • Commercial and executive aviation
  • High quality finish

Anti Viral Seat Belt.

ACM is the only belt OEM to offer the Anti Viral version of the Belt Buckle.

The belt buckle is antimicrobial treated and coated by our experts. The innovative coating reduces the virus and germ load. This version ensures more safety for passengers and crew and improves therefor the passenger flight experience.

  • The entire anti-viral belt is treated in a special electrospray process
  • An antimicrobial coating ensures a 99.99% germ reduction after only 30 minutes
  • Tested by ACM in house under strict EASA specifications it shows the result "very good effectiveness against virus and germ contamination"
  • Effectiveness is proved also after routine cleaning
  • Treated surface is protected by new germs
  • Reduced cleaning effort and lower chemical costs for the airlines
  • The anti viral seat belt meets all requirements of TSO C22G and TSO C114
  • Same part number is valid

Take action in this particular time - ACM's Anti Viral Belt

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Jet Bed Belt.

Safe and comfortable lying.

In order to increase the comfort for passengers, special jet beds are used in the executive aviation.

Jet beds are systems that fill the space between the opposite seat with a mattress to ensure a better lying comfort. The use of the jet bed seat belts increases the safety of the reclining passengers. Jet beds are exempt from FAA / EASA regulations, yet ACM jet-bed belts meet FAR / JAR-25-853a requirements for flammability.

Extension Belt.

Easy size adjustment for more comfort

  • Developed to withstand high loads
  • Individual adjustment of the seat belt length for more comfort
  • Made for Commercial and Executive Aviation
  • EASA, ETSO tested and approved
  • Available in over 160 webbing colors

Infant Belt.

Safety first.

  • ACM’s infant seat belts have been specially developed for children between 0 and 2 years of age
  • More safety for children
  • Easy operation of the infant seat belt by the adult
  • Individual adjustment of the seat belt length for more safety and comfort

Repair and overhaul service.

Europe's only OEM with an EASA approval for re-webbing seat belts and restraint systems from all manufacturers.

  • Co-pilot lap belts
  • Restraint system for passengers and crew members
  • 3-, 4- and 5-point seat belts for the crew
  • Pilot restraint system

ACM's seat belts for the commercial and the executive aviation.

Our seat belt experts will be happy to advise you.

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