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Soft Furnishing & Polsterung

Seating Components

Get an overview over our various seating components.

Seat attachments parts serve different purposes under strict airworthiness regulations and still have to blend in with the overall look of the airplane.

Literature pockets.

ACM develops customized literature pockets that perfectly matches the seat constructions of any airplane type. The color range, materials, design options, and shapes are unlimited and will meet the individual preferences of the customers.

Upper Literature Pockets
Lower Literature Pockets

Life vest pouches.

ACM provides ready-to-install life vest pouches for any seat type. The lightweight material with its multifilament structure is water-resistant, powerful and cost-effective. The straps ensure a safe and simple attachment.

The transparent version with a polycarbonate material became more popular over the last years due to safety precautions. The transparent solution saves time and money as the crew can see right away if foreign objects have been inserted. Therefore ACM also offers stowages with evident seals and can support regarding RFID solutions.

The life vest pouches can be delivered with a Certificate of Conformity or EASA Form 1.

Arm caps.

Arm caps come in a variety of shapes depending on the seat type. Included in our scope ACM manufactures new arm caps or provides refurbishment services. The upholstery fabric and foam can be refurbished which allows a new material or a change of color when requested.

ACM uses flexible polyurethane foams which is a lightweight foam. This certain type of foam is easy to process and to maintain.

Antimacassars (Head rest covers).

Head Rest Covers became an important seat component part in the commercial and general aviation. Not only that it enhances the corporate identity but it is hygienic, easy to clean and it can add to the seating comfort.

Our customers can choose between several materials with different specifications and colors. The Antimacassars can be embossed, embroidered, stitched or printed with your logo.

The Antimacassars can be delivered with an EASA Form 1.

Seat trampoline.

The installation of seat trampolines over the seat chassis has proved to be a huge asset in terms of weight aspects. The materials used for the seat trampoline with its multifilament structure are ultralight. Moreover thinner foams can now be used for the seat cushions as the trampoline ensures a soft seating experience already.

Therefore thick and heavy foams can be avoided.


Passengers appreciate well designed and comfortable headrests and airlines know the importance. ACM is specialized to provide headrests with the perfect foam.

The customer can choose from a broad range of headrest materials such as soft and subtle fabrics or luxury leather. The headrests can be embossed, embroidered, stitched or printed with the airline’s logo to support the corporate identity.

Comfortable. Individual. High quality.

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