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Aircraft Curtains

Perfect atmosphere wuth EASA certified curtains.

ACM is setting new standards in creating the perfect atmosphere with its products. ACM uses flame-retardant curtain materials that are due to their composition easy-to-clean and durable.

Our curtains fulfill all airworthiness standards and EASA requirements and can be delivered with an EASA Form 1 or a Certificate of Conformity (CoC).

The curtains are used in the commercial aviation or in business jets as class dividers, interior elements or for acoustic purposes.

Class divider curtains.

Besides the design element – functionality and safety criteria are crucial for aircraft curtains.

ACM’s class divider curtains are permanently flame-retardant according to FAR/CS and fulfill the general smoke and toxicity guidelines.

The special fabrics used for our class divider curtains are handcrafted, extremely resistant and durable. They come in various design options, can be ordered pleated and are custom made to guarantee a quick installation.

The steam-pleated curtains are very popular among ACM’s customers. They are not only easy to maintain but they give the cabin interior a touch of elegance.

Aircraft galley curtains.

The divider curtains in front of galleys are mostly sound-absorbing curtains.

Soundproofing the cabin is crucial in the aviation industry. The aircraft galley curtains are processed with an innovative light and sound-absorbing material.

The galley curtains can be delivered steam-pleated. Besides other benefits- steam-pleated curtains keep their appearance also after many wash procedures. These acoustic and steam-pleated curtains are extremely durable and come in a variety of colors, designs, and patterns.

Crew rest curtains.

Crew rest curtains are used in the entry area of crew rest compartments or between the beds of the crew and pilots for privacy purposes. The acoustic curtains in the entrance area are processed with our sound-absorbing materials and yet are extremely lightweight.

ACM’s equips among other upholstery elements the crew rest curtains for all A350/A380 CCRC and FCRC. We are familiar with all the regulations and deliver high-quality curtains.

  • Entrance Curtains
  • Bed Divider Curtains
  • Acoustic Crew Rest Curtains

More atmosphere. More insulation. More ACM.

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