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Bespoke seat covers for any type of aircraft.

ACM provides bespoke seat covers for the commercial aviation, for helicopters, VVIP jets, and executive jets for many years. We continuously improve our techniques for faster installations, latest design options and use the most innovative aviation materials in the industry.

Whether it’s aerospace seat covers for economy seats or a unique variation for a private jet, each of our seat covers comes with inimitable quality.

Our different aviation seat covers are all flame- retardant according to FAR/CS and fulfill the smoke and toxicity guidelines. Each seat cover can be delivered with an EASA Form 1 or Certificate of Conformity (CoC).

(AVS)- Anti Viral Cover

Bacteria and viruses can be contagious for several days, depending on their quantity and surface area. This also applies to various fabrics uses on aircraft seats.

ACM's ABC's use a proven technology from the protective equipment industry to reduce bacteria and germs. ACM's ABC's use fibres in the seat covers, which are equipped with germ-damaging elements.

Thanks to the antibacterial properties of the fibres, almost all bacteria and viruses disappear within a short time.



reduction in 10 min (%)
reduction in 24 hours (%)

Form fitted seat dress covers.

We manufacture seat covers that fit like a glove to any airplane seat.

Our form fitted seat covers can be delivered in different lamination types and are made of fabric or leather. We make sure to extend the service life and provide especially comfortable seat covers.

Every single material we use fulfill strict airworthiness regulations. Whether in fabric or leather our aviation materials can be perfectly used for many design options such as different perforations, patterns or stitchings. ACM’s broad selection of colors and designs are very popular amongst our customers, but we would also be delighted to develop custom fabrics that perfectly serve the individual demands and corporate identities.

Laminated seat dress covers.

Quick installation. Easily replaceable. Perfect fit. Even lighter.

The seat cover material is bound to the foam to guarantee a wrinkle-free surface that clearly results in a sleeker overall look. Moreover, laminated seat covers enhance the service life and seating experience and are therefore very popular. The fast-fit seat cover system saves valuable time and makes the installation and removal easier.

The graphite foam used for this procedure can vary relating to weight, stability, seating comfort and their degrees of hardness. Depending on the requirements and the seat type our experienced team chooses the most suitable foam.

Lightweight seat dress covers.

Laminated seat covers using foams with over 40% less weight than conventional foams. Whether you use leather or fabric, the dress cover material can retain the same without compromising comfort.

ACM’s lightweight foam offers a significant weight reduction and is ideal for laminated seat covers.

Sheepskin seat covers for pilots.

Aviation pilot seat covers must fulfill high-performance criteria’s. Pilots fly sometimes over ten hours without any movement and are confronted with temperature extremes in the cockpit. Sheepskin keeps the pilots demonstrably comfortable and does not conduct heat or cold so it remains at a constant temperature.

Sheepskin and lambskin are the ideal material for aviation pilot seat dress covers. It’s highly resistant to fire, durable, lightweight, easy to maintain and keeps the pilot cool, dry and less fatigue.

Our pilot seat dress covers are cut from excellent quality and are easy to install. We’ve optimized the ideal thickness and each pilot seat cover is custom tailored. The sheepskin covers the entire seating area to guarantee the highest comfort.

VIP seat dress covers.

Individually hand tailored seat covers in luxurious materials for all leading companies such as Cessna, Embraer, Bombardier, Pilatus, Gulfstream, and Dassault.

In our in-house seat dress cover department, our team manufactures accurate fitting seat covers for any seat shape and divans. The results are high- end products for demanding customers that want their exclusive seat covers with that extra touch.

The materials vary from bespoke natural fabrics to exclusive genuine leather with design options such as different perforations, patterns or stitchings.

Shape-adjusted. Shapely. And top in shape.

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