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Soft furnishing for the whole airplane crew.

ACM equips whole flight crew rest areas (FCRC) and cabin crew rest compartments (CCRC) with the complete soft furnishing to create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere for the pilots and cabin crew.

All the aviation materials and fabrics are precisely chosen for every single part in the crew rest compartments. Lightweight aviation products such as lightweight foams used for mattresses or wall paddings provide significant weight savings. Besides the crucial weight aspect, the aviation materials used for crew rest compartments must fulfill acoustic criteria and provide a relaxing and comfortable environment for the entire crew and pilots.

Our experience.

Cabin lining.

Transforming sidewalls, PSU, Dado Panels and Ceiling Panels into decorative and customized cabin interior components that perfectly blend in.

ACM manufactures composite linings and provides upholstery service at the same time.

We offer modern wall covering materials such as

Foils or coating layer
3D knitted spacer fabrics

The knitted spacer fabric with a 3D effect is very popular amongst airlines. It has a whole range of advantages due to its outstanding air permeability or cozy effect in crew rest compartments.

wall adding and head padding.

Cushions used for the crew rest compartments such as head padding and wall padding are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the airliners. In this part of the airplane, the acoustic and comfort aspects are crucial.

Of course, the ideal foam material is used for a suitable component.

Stowage pouches.

According to EASA and the Federal Aviation Authority, there are certain stowage provisions for the crew rest compartments. The crew members should have stowage space to prevent their personal belongings from injuring someone.

Stowage pouches use less storage place and are very effective. ACM offers stowage pouches according to the airliners requirements.


Especially in long-haul flights crew members and pilots need to get their well-deserved rest. ACM delivers comfortable mattresses with the according upholstery. The airlines can choose between different fabrics and foam products.

ACM manufactures mattresses in different shapes and sizes.

Comfort. Design. Storage space.

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