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Cabin interior refurbishment

Refurbishment, modification and upgrade of cabin interior.

We maintain, refurbish and upgrade cabin interior from different airlines to private jet holder.

Whether our customers wish minor changes of existing cabin interior components or a complete new refurbishment with a new design – our refurbishment and design department assist along the whole process.

One single point of contact (EASA Part 21G, 21J and 145).

From conceptual design to engineering, manufacturing, final installation of all interior components, testing and certification. Our clients appreciate the convenience of dealing with an experienced single point of contact.

The combination of the approvals (EASA Part 21G, 21J and 145) as design, maintenance and production organization allows ACM to design and produce cabin interior parts and certify both new products and refurbished materials. This means more efficiency and fewer costs due to shorter time on ground.

ACM delivers with EASA documentation and Product Release Form 1.


  • Commercial Aviation: Economy, Pr. Economy, Business and First Class
  • General Aviation: Executive Jets, Business Jets, Helicopter, Lightweight Aircrafts
  • All required EASA documentation, Minor Changes, Major Changes, EASA Form 1
  • In-house re-certification, testing, re-webbing and repair services
  • Partial or complete cabin refurbishment
  • Upholstery Service on all Soft Furnishings
  • Implementation of different lightweight products
  • In line with the customer’s corporate identity
  • Re-veneering and re-varnishing of all wooden surfaces

Cabin interior design service.

  • Bespoke Design Proposals
  • Various Material, Colour, Design Options
  • Customized shape and material concepts
  • Aircraft material presentation board

Look and Feel. Reimagined.

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Aircraft Cabin Modification Logo


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