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Dry Cleaning & Re-Certification

Cabin interior dry cleaning service.

As a cabin interior refurbishment specialist, ACM also provides with cabin interior cleaning services for airliner and private jets.

It is only a matter of time that seat covers and other cabin interior parts get stains and need special cleaning.

Overhaul, cleaning, desinfection, protection and deodorization.

If certain cabin interior components need to be overhauled, maintained, recolored or only deep cleaned, our team performs on site and can react flexibly on different customer demands. Single cabin interior parts can also get cleaned at ACM’s premises.

Aircraft materials such as different fabrics, leather, curtains, and carpets can get an application of moisturizing, deodorizing and protective treatments.

Knowing the airlines’ cleaning requirements, our hand machines not just remove persistent stains but retain the dimensional stability and improve the overall appearance of all cabin interior parts due to low-level of elongation during the process.

Re-certification and EASA documentation.

We deliver the cleaned soft furnishings and different cabin interior parts with EASA documentation and recertified. With the ability to provide this mix of services – dry cleaning, overhaul, and recertification, ACM ensures not just the hygiene but also the longevity of your cabin interiors.

Cleaning service at a glance.

  • Cleaning and moisturizing leather seat covers
  • Deep cleaning seating components
  • Deep cleaning fabric seat covers
  • Cleaning, ceilings, linings, and carpet
  • Leather repair, recolor, and overhaul
  • Linings repair and recolor
  • Leather and fabric protection
  • Deodorization
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