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Aircraft foams without comprimising comfort.

We know the importance and choose accordingly. ACM’s line of foams meet the specific aviation requirements without compromising comfort. Our advanced fire-resistant foam products combine resiliancy, durability and weight- savings.

The foam materials are all in compliance with current EASA regulations and strict requirements regarding fire safety, toxicity and smoke.

ACM’s different aviation foams are used for the following aviation components:

  • Seat padding and support
  • Arm caps
  • Private Jet Sofas (Divan)
  • Laminated seat dress covers
  • Wall lining and curtains for acoustic purposes
  • Headrest
  • Mattresses in executive jets and for crew rest compartments
  • Linings
  • Head padding

Memory foam (Visco).

Wherever soft and smooth foams are required in aviation, comfortable memory foams are used. They are not only highly durable and deformable but spread the weight of the passenger very evenly and have hardly any pressure points. They are therefore highly suitable for seat cushions or matresses in the crew rest compartment or for executive jets.

The flame retardant memory foam is also perfectly suitable for commercial aviation.

Graphite foam (PE foam).

Polyethylene foams meet all the requirements relating to kerosene burn and vertical burn without a fireblocking layer. PE foams with their unique combination of polyurethane and exfoliated grahite make them perfect for a wide range of different aviation and aerospace components.

Graphite foams are easily thermoformed into any shape combined with simplest handling due to their consistent cell size. They are ideal for seat bottom cushions and they come in four different degrees of hardness.

Lightweight foam.

The lightweight foam offers a significant weight reduction. It is the perfect base material for flotation cushions and other cabin interior components.

Especially the usage of lightweight foam in Crew Rest Compartments is very popular. ACM includes lightweight foam in wall paddings and head paddings.

More atmosphere. More insulation. More ACM.

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