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How we see carpet.

Bring that final touch to your interior environment.

ACM offers high end quality carpets for commercial aviation or the exclusive private jet sector. The carpets come in different qualities and are available in various elegant designs, textures and colours that will perfectly blend into their surroundings.

Enter ACM’s World of beautiful flooring compositions.

Wool carpets.

Wool as a natural product offers many advantages. There is nothing more luxurious than the comfort of woll carpets. Over years wool carpets in the aviation proved their superb performance and long lasting durability. Customers appreciate wool carpets as they are dirt-repellent and amongst the most ecologically friendly materials for floor coverings.

This material meets all the strict airworthiness standards, is natural and sustainable at the same time.

Polyamid carpets.

This carpet is exceptionally strong and durable, is very resilient, easy- to maintain and also cost-effective. Therefore polyamid carpets are often used in the economy class and customers appreciate the variety of patterns and design options.

Wool/polyamid or wool/silk.

Bringing out the best of two worlds.

Besides the technical specifications and the weight aspects the demand in terms of design options increased rapidley over the last decades.

The combination of carpet materials such as wool and polyamid or wool and silk opens a whole new world of design options. These carpets come in different surface textures as loop pile, cut pile or cut-and loop pile. Especially for weight-saving aspects the combination of two materials is ideal. Ultralight carpets become increasingly important and can be ordered in differenr variations.

More often the composition of Wool and Polyamid is used in the aviation. The aesthetic looks and comfort aspects of wool in combination with polyamid features as resiliance guarantee a high performance product. Wool and Silk combination have a very luxurious appearance with shiny spots and are highly appreciated amongst customers in the general aviaton sector.

Broad range of different edging types.

Edged carpets.

The highest quality of workmanship and a broad range of different edging styles.

We use modern carpet whipping machines that are designed to handle all carpet thicknesses, shapes and stitch external and internal corners so ACM can provide accurate finished edges.

Whipping/Overlocking is suitable for nearly every shape and makes the carpet look even more elegant. We offer a large selection of coloured yarns to assure a perfect match.

Carpet edging tapes/ribbons.

Creating individual carpets that upgrade your style.

Using colourful carpet edging tapes in different materials that are sewn at the edge of the carpet on both sides. ACM uses special tapes for ultralight carpets to assure a perfect finishing.

Upgrade the carpet with edging tape made of genuine leather. This high-end version is an absolute eyecatcher and shows the attention to detail.

Adhesion of carpets.

The carpets must be applied with the right adhesive product on the floor without leaving any residue behind and assuring an easy removal.

ACM delivers self-adhesive carpets that are pretreated with an additional glue to assure a 100-percent adhesion.

The attachment of hook and loop tape is an alternative method which is often used for Helicopters or small aircrafts that have rougher surfaces. The loop tape is sewed on the back of the carpet and the hook tape is attached on the floor. The customers appreciate this method due to the damage free removal and simple installation of the carpets.

Non-textile flooring (NFT).

Plastic floor coverings.

Non textile flooring (NTF) meet all aircraft regulations and are ideally used for entryways, galleys, aisles and lavatories. Especially in this areas of the airplane or executive jets the surface of the floor must be resistant against severe wear and heavy cart damage. Besides that it is very easy to install and leaves no residue on the floor.

The surface is slip resistant which means that it resists water and most other liquids.

Customers can choose between different colours, patterns and sizes of the nubs.

High quality. Versatile. Universal.

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