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Strong perfomace - that's what counts

We deliver our different aviation cargo nets with the suitable cargo restraint components and EASA certification if required. Our cargo nets are up to 20% lighter than existing products in the market.

Cargo Nets; Barrier Nets; Pallet Nets; Baggage Nets

Barrier Net

We only use strong, durable and high-quality materials.

ACM's barrier nets are specifically designed for the model ATR 72 Freighter (9g Barrier Net). Made for a maximum payload of 1100 kg and has a 9g certified test. Our barrier net has proven its strength and compatibility in the aviation industry.

Baggage Net

Durable and robust.

Our extensive range of baggage nets are know as the most cost effective solution in the industry. We certify for the A320 family and deliver door nets and divider nets.
ACM's baggage nets are designed to meet all of the requirements of the FAA, EASA and IATA.


New net structure in the aviation sector.

Barrier nets are used to secure the cargo. Efficient and quick charging is crucial. With ACM's CargoZips, each aircraft can save up to 5 minutes on ground service. Our zippers ensure a smooth operation and meet the requirements for flame retardancy and elasticity.

Cargo Nets in General Aviation

Individually tailored.

Our cargo nets in General Aviation have been developed to meet the highest standards of design and security. The cargo nets can be used for CS23,CS25,27 and 29 Helicopters and meet the requirements regarding load and flame resistance.

Pallet Nets.

Strong and durable.

Certification according to ETSO C90d A1. Our lightweight option is up to 55 % lighter. Our pallet nets are made of high-strength polypropylene or polyester and are available in various colours.

Cargo System.

We have a safe transport for convertible passenger aircraft. Our new Cargo System ensures that your cargo arrives safe and without any damage.

ACM meets all airworthiness standards and EASA requirements and also uses flame retardant materials.

Cargo Belt

Strong and safe.

Our Safety Belts are designed for the transport of specific cargo in passenger aircrafts. The adjustable webbing is ideal for all load sizes. Two webbing straps ensure the safety of the cargo and prevent the cargo from moving.

Cargo Bag.

Diverse and tear-resistant.

Our Cargo Bag is available in three different versions, which are variable according to seat sizes and rows. Our bag is compatible, tearproof and meets all EASA requirements.

Our Cargo & Palett Nets

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