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Strong performance - that's what counts.

Engineered and designed to perform under the toughest conditions. Manufactured, designed, tested and inspected to meet strict aviation standards. Computer simulation make the design process of the different cargo nets more efficient and allow us to manufacture them in different sizes and forms.

We supply cargo nets to airliners but also the executive jet sector and owners of VVIP Jets. Our air cargo nets meet all the FAA and EASA requirements.


We only use strong, durable and high-quality materials.

Unser Gepäcknetz ist z.b. speziell für das Modell- ATR 72 Frachter 9g Barrier Net. Ausgelegt für max 1100 kg Payload mit Gewichten bis zu 1.100 KG konzipiert und verfügt über einen 9G zertifizierten Test. Unser Netz ist für seine Stärke und Kompatibilität in der Luftfahrt berühmt.


Strong performance.

Our extensive range of freight nets is recognised worldwide as the safest and most cost-effective load securing solution in the industry.
ACM's cargo networks are designed to meet the stringent requirements of FAA, EASA and IATA.



New net structure in the aviation sector.

In the cargo compartments of aircrafts, the barrier nets serve to secure the load. However, an efficient loading process is also crucial, where time is money, especially when it comes to an efficient operation, With the CargoZips from ACM you may save up to 5 minutes per aircraft during ground service. Our zippers guarantee a smooth operation and meet the requirements for flame retardancy and load capacity.

Cargo Nets in General Aviation

Individually tailored.

Our cargo net in General Aviation have been developed to meet the highest standards of design and security. The nets can be used for CS23,CS25,27 and 29 ( helicopters ) aircraft and meet the requirements regarding load and flame resistance.

Palet net

robust and strong

Our nets are made of high-strength polypropylene or polyester and are available in various colours. The nets are of extremely high quality and are very durable and long-lasting when used properly. The pallet nets are certified by EASA and FAA.

Cargo System.

We have a safer transport facility for convertible passenger aircraft. Here you can see our new Cargo System to transport your cargo safely and without damage.

The ACM meets all airworthiness standards and EASA requirements and also uses flame retardant materials.

Cargo Belt

strong and safe.

Our safety belts are designed for the transport of specific cargo in passenger aircraft, so our adjustable webbing is ideal for all load sizes. Two webbing straps ensure the safety of the cargo and preventing the cargo from escaping.

Cargo Bag.

versatile and tearproof

Our Cargo Bag is available in three different versions, which are variable according to seat sizes and rows. Our bag is compatible, tearproof and meets all EASA requirements.


strong. convertible. quick.

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