The largest flight crew rest compartment

Memmingen/Dresden, 14th August 2018 – In the last twelve months, ACM Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH, alongside Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH (EFW), have developed the most comfortable and largest flight crew rest compartments in cargo aircraft to date. These new rest areas have a modular structure and optimise the recovery phases of pilots on long-haul flights. This new development will be installed for the first time in a converted Airbus A330-200 during the course of the year. 

Since the permitted working hours of the flight personnel are exceeded on long-haul flights with extremely long flight times, the crew rest compartments offer the ideal resting place for the on-board staff. This makes it easy to comply with the legal regulations relating to service and recovery times, which naturally has a positive impact on aviation safety and the efficiency of airlines.

Two specialists – one objective
Two companies who are absolute specialists in their fields have now joined forces in the form of ACM Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH from Memmingen and EFW from Dresden. While EFW converts Airbus passenger aircraft into cargo aircraft, ACM is responsible for the entire cabin interior. “The two companies have therefore set themselves the objective of developing not only the largest and most comfortable flight crew rest compartment, but also one that is multi-purpose in its deployment,” explains ACM Managing Director Roger Hohl. Comfortable mattresses, sound-absorbing and light-impermeable curtains and an appealing design concept ensure optimum relaxation and privacy for crew members.

One-year development time
The new development is installed directly behind the cockpit and can accommodate two people. The upper bed can also be easily converted into storage space with two nets – a world first. A special protective cover is used to protect the mattresses against dirt, wear and moisture. “The development of the new flight crew rest compartment took a total of twelve months due to its complexity. We are very satisfied with the outcome. The new product is not only modular, but also easy to install and remove,” says Roger Hohl, who also praises the outstanding cooperation with EFW.

Renowned clientele
EFW is a Dresden-based company rich in tradition that today combines a wide range of aviation and technology activities under one roof. In addition to the development and production of flat lightweight components for structures and interiors, the company’s core competencies also include the conversion of Airbus passenger aircraft into cargo aircraft and the maintenance of virtually all Airbus types. The conversion of an Airbus is considered a substantial modification carried out on behalf of the aircraft owners from civil aviation.

ACM Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH is based in Memmingen, Germany, and a specialist for the entire cabin interior. This is where German engineering is unified with an understanding of quality and practicability. ACM creates designs which are as cost-effective as they are aesthetic, while at the same time fulfilling all legal aviation requirements. Thanks to its long-standing experience, internal quality management, and safety team, it counts both small aircraft manufacturers and the largest global airlines among its clientele. The company has 120 employees at its facilities in Memmingen. Via the company group, it also has various international sites, e.g. in Dubai, Toulouse, St. Nazaire, and Bangalore.

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