Merkel's helicopter - Now more comfortable thanks to ACM

1. December 2016 – ACM Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH is looking forward to a very special order. Thanks to many years of experience, the Federal Ministry instructed ACM with the task of completely modifying the interior of chancellor Angela Merkel’s helicopter and making it more comfortable. The helicopter will also still be used for the transport of troops.

Special visit to Memmingen: Even though Angela Merkel herself did not visit the Allgäu Airport, the chancellor’s helicopter landed in Memmingen. ACM Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH received the unusual task of completely overhauling the cabin of the federal police’s VIP helicopter. New carpets, breathable covers and optimised foams for more seat comfort, as well as opaque curtains will allow the helicopter to shine again.

For VIP guests and troop transports
In the meantime the ACM staff measured the chancellor’s helicopter on the ground in Memmingen. Now the sampling inspection of the 21 carpets, twelve curtains and elegant seat covers followed. ACM is also responsible for the production and the specific certificates that are required for aviation. Only the actual installation of the new interiors is the task of the federal police itself.

The Airbus Helicopters ‘SuperPuma’ helicopter is to be used in two configurations at a later date. The specially designed VIP components are intended for chancellor Angela Merkel as well as other government officials. In order to continue transporting troops, ACM subsequently produces new seat covers made of leather, which can be changed quickly if necessary.

Renowned clientele
ACM Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH headquartered in Memmingen specialises in the development, production and overhaul of the entire cabin interiors of aircrafts and helicopters. Here, German engineering is combined with a sense of quality and practicality. ACM creates cost-effective and aesthetic designs that meet all the requirements of the aviation industry. Thanks to many years of experience, internal quality management and security teams, small aircraft manufacturers and the world’s largest airlines belong to ACM’s customer base.

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