From aircraft components to textile-based personal protective equipment

Memmingen, Germany, 1st April 2020 – The international aviation supplier ACM Aerospace, based in the Bavarian town of Memmingen, is converting part of its production from plane and helicopter parts to textile-based personal protective equipment for combating the coronavirus pandemic. After completing prototypes of protective gowns and face masks, the first orders have already been received and production is in progress.

What would have seemed impossible just a few weeks ago is now brutal reality. Normally, the medium-sized international aviation supplier ACM Aerospace manufactures, develops and certifies over 120,000 plane and helicopter components per year. Today, however, the factory of the company located in Memmingen is also producing textile-based personal protective equipment.

Because of the nature of ACM Aerospace's products, the company already has expertise in textiles. Thanks to its existing research and development department and a partnership with a South German clinic, ACM Aerospace has been able to produce prototypes of protective gowns and a face mask extremely quickly.

"The first protective gowns are already being mass-produced. We're confident we can deliver these to our first customers in only a few days," says Roger Hohl, Managing Director of ACM Aerospace. The international aviation supplier is currently experiencing high levels of demand for these products. "We're getting enquiries from the private and public sectors, for example food producers, clinics and government ministries in Germany and abroad," continues Roger Hohl, Managing Director of ACM Aerospace.

Selling at cost
The world has a cough: the coronavirus pandemic has grown into a serious global threat. Not just to our health but also to the economy. Which is why we at ACM Aerospace as an international aviation supplier have made it our mission to deliver personal protective equipment at cost price.

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