ACM revolutionises in-flight seat belts

Memmingen / Hamburg, 10th April 2018 – ACM Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH presents a global innovation at Aircraft Interiors EXPO in Hamburg: “Smart Belt” is the name of the proprietary seat belt, setting new standards in passenger aviation with its ingenious sensor technology. It allows the crew to use an app to check whether passengers have fastened their belts. This not only increases safety, but also saves time.

The current selection of seat belts for aircrafts is extremely limited. The reason for this is simple: At the moment, there is only one provider on the entire market. ACM Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH, which specialises in the entire cabin interior, is now changing this situation and launching its “Smart Belt” right on time for the Aircraft Interiors EXPO in Hamburg (10 to 12 April 2018). This global innovation is certainly a revolutionary innovation in this market segment.

Speeding up checks
The time crew members spend walking up and down the aisles before take-off and landing and in the case of turbulence to check whether passengers have fastened their seat belts will be revolutionised with the “Smart Belt”. Thanks to special belt sensors, this information will soon be presented to the crew via an app — at any time and interference-free. For example, if the passenger on seat 12C has not yet fastened his seat belt, crew members can directly request him to comply with safety regulations. Particularly in the case of suddenly occurring turbulence, this option increases safety not only for passengers, but also for crew members. Despite all the technology integrated into the Smart Belt, it does not weight more than standard seat belts used today.

No more compensation claims
Hence, the “Smart Belt”, a proprietary and patented product by ACM, ensures that the seat belt checks can be performed more rapidly and safely. But the new belt system has another advantage. If a passenger is injured during turbulence, it is a straightforward affair to prove whether his seat belt was fastened or not. In the case of possible compensation claims, this fact can prove to be a significant advantage. Roger Hohl, Managing Director of ACM is convinced: “We are certain that this product will make a significant contribution and provide added value to worldwide safety in aviation. In turn, this will have a direct influence on the reduction of incidents and injured persons due to passengers with incorrectly fastened seat belts — at all stages of a flight!”

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