First sensitive aircraft seat cover

Memmingen, 2nd April 2019 – Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH (ACM) launches another world first. The cabin interior specialist has developed a seat cover equipped with sensors that provides passengers with feedback on their current seating position and, if necessary, tips on how they can sit more healthily in the aircraft. The major benefit: Passengers arrive at their destination feeling more relaxed.

As humans, we are sitting more than ever. Statistics show that over 60 percent of working time is spent sitting – and mostly in an unhealthy sitting posture. The unpleasant consequence is more and more neck and back problems. ACM Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH from Memmingen has tackled this problem, since time spent in an aircraft is, too, is usually not particularly good for the health, especially in economy class. Trying to find the right seating position after a certain amount of flight time is almost a matter of course. The reduced spacing between seats and new cost-saving seating are just as unhelpful.

Sitting is the new smoking

ACM has therefore developed a sensitive seat cover under the product name “Smeated”. Smeated stands for “Smart Seated”. Using interwoven sensors, the sensor textile analyses the current seating position of the passenger. The passenger can receive immediate visual feedback via an app or the in-flight entertainment system on how to sit more ergonomically and healthily. “We want this innovation to help passengers arrive at their destination feeling healthier and more rested”, explains ACM Managing Director Roger Hohl. “It has been proven that unhealthy sitting in an aircraft can cause serious health problems. That’s why it’s said in this day and age: Sitting is the new smoking!”

Seat covers for economy class

The new system developed by ACM is currently available for economy class. The existing seats in the aircraft can also be easily and cost-effectively retrofitted because the sensors are not located in the seat but rather in the seat cover. “This investment will certainly pay off for the airlines, since passengers can enjoy their flight feeling more refreshed and with less neck, shoulder and back tension”, says Roger Hohl. This has a direct effect on customer satisfaction.

Renowned clientele

ACM is an aviation company that specialises in the development, production and overhaul of the entire interior of aircraft cabins. This is where German engineering is combined with an understanding of quality and practicality. ACM creates designs which are as cost-effective as they are aesthetic, while at the same time fulfilling all legal aviation requirements. Thanks to the many years of experience of its internal quality management and safety team, it counts both small aircraft manufacturers and the largest global airlines amongst its clientele. Through its corporate group, the company also has various international locations including Dubai, Toulouse, St. Nazaire and Bangalore, in addition to the Memmingen site.

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