ACM expansion at Memmingen airport

Memmingen, 6th July 2018 – ACM Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH is planning a new building at the Memmingerberg airfield and intends to purchase a plot of land the size of two football fields. This investment by ACM shows a clear commitment to the region that will not only create jobs, but also increase regional value creation.

Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH, currently based in Memmingen with 120 members of staff, has signed a declaration of intent with Allgäu Airport GmbH & Co. KG. The plan is to buy almost 15,000 square metres of land within the airfield. “As complete cabin interior specialists for aircraft and helicopters, this move clearly shows our commitment to the continued development of our core competencies in the market,” explains ACM Managing Director Roger Hohl enthusiastically. “The exact nature and type of buildings we will have on the site are currently under intense discussion. But one thing is clear: ACM’s presence in Memmingen will be relocated entirely to the airport. We will not be operating multiple sites.”

Our customers are the world’s largest airlines and private jet operators
With the ACM site and the airport connected, for the first time it will be possible to roll aircraft and helicopters directly into our hangar for renovation works. This will make all work processes even more efficient. “We are currently evaluating our options with regard to the size of this undertaking. We have quite a lot of different options to consider. We are looking at different hangar sizes for accommodating aircraft ranging from private jets to commercial airliners like the Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 series,” says Roger Hohl. Planning for such a large scope is very much necessary. And thanks to the many years of experience of our staff, we have the world’s biggest and most well-known airlines and highly exclusive operators or private and VIP jets among our customers.

Strengthening the business location
ACM Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH is active internationally and investing several million euros in this trailblazing project. The company, based in Memmingen, has extremely strong links to the region and, thanks to its good performance over the last several years, has helped to strengthen the local economy. The vast majority of employees and major suppliers are local. “This new investment is a clear demonstration of our commitment to the Memmingen region, creating new jobs and further increasing regional wealth creation,” says Roger Hohl.

“We are happy about ACM Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH’s plan to move their company headquarters to the airport and significantly expand their facilities. This decision confirms the appeal of our location, particularly for companies involved in the aviation industry. It also enables ACM and their customers to use quicker and more efficient processes,” adds Ralf Schmid, Chief Executive Officer of Allgäu Airport GmbH & Co. KG.

German engineering
ACM is a company that is specialised in the development, production and complete overhaul of aircraft cabin interiors. This is where German engineering is unified with an understanding of quality and practicability. ACM creates designs which are as cost-effective as they are aesthetic, while at the same time fulfilling all statutory aviation requirements. Through its corporate group, the company also has various international locations such as in Dubai, Toulouse, St. Nazaire and Bangalore, in addition to the Memmingen site.

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