ACM successfully hires trained refugees

7. October 2016 – Trained professionals from Afghanistan and other countries are successfully employed at Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH, a company that specialises in Interior Design in aviation. Companies like ACM are always looking for skilled workers. The German language skills of the candidates differ, but their training, reliability and high-quality work are great. In addition, ACM offers German lessons for more successful integration and better communication between the colleagues.

Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH is based in Memmingen and they are looking for experienced sewers, upholsterers or interior designers, which is a real challenge in this area of Germany.

The newspaper Allgäuer Zeitung also drew attention to ACM and has published an article on the successful integration of ACM employee Javid Abbassi. Mr Abbasi has worked for a leather factory in Afghanistan and has been sewing high quality seat covers, headrests and wall coverings for different airlines worldwide in the past six months. The young and ambitious man has become a valued colleague and employee at ACM.

ACM speaks of a classic win-win situation and animates other employers and companies to try this concept.
“We can only report positive experiences and statistics. The prejudice that refugees have not received adequate training in their home countries is a false conclusion,” says ACM’s Head of HR Sahar Bernhardt-Nouhi, who will continue to recruit refugees.

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