AVITAL - Our new innovative product

Memmingen / Oberpfaffenhofen, 10. März 2021 – Finally, ACM presents a new innovative product - Avital.

ACM Aerospace has launched Avital (Aviation Vital), an innovative technology for pilot seats. An electrocardiogram (ECG) determines and measures the body’s vital parameters. The Avital textile sensor technology measures the ECG when the pilot seat is occupied, contact-free, and processes the data. Like a fatigue detector in a car, Avital indicates emerging symptoms such as tiredness, so the pilot can respond accordingly. But Avital also warns if changes indicate acute conditions such as panic attacks or heart failure, warning the crew and enabling rapid intervention.

Vital parameters are recorded and stored continuously. This data exceeds regular investigation results and enables accurate diagnoses in regular health checks, thereby offering prevention for the slightest symptoms of illness.

ACM has thus developed a technology that not only detects emergency situations and enables prompt intervention, but by continually monitoring the pilot’s medical condition, indicates changes, forestalls emergencies and makes aviation safer. 


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